Suture lift is another term referring to thread lift, a procedure just like facelift surgery, but in a less invasive way. Because of the claims made about such procedures, it has gotten a lot of attention from the public. Think of it like how companies sell products through various marketing methods. In order to get the attention of the masses, they came up with something that is quicker and more accessible. Thread lift is the alternate procedure of the traditional facelift surgery. Because of its quick and less invasive nature, it has been questioned by the experts whether or not it delivers long term results, unlike the traditional one.

This is where the question comes in – is it worth it? There have been studies conducted on people who have taken the traditional approach versus those who took the less invasive one, which is the suture lift. The results of the study were exactly as those experts have seen it to be. It seems that suture lift can only give a short-term results rather than long term one, which caused quite a number of patients who took the suture lift to complain. Their reasons are that their faces went back to how it used to be, not like they were dreaming about it. The study was designed to evaluate the long-term success behind the suture lift procedure when it comes to facial rejuvenation. It seems that those who took the traditional approach were more satisfied than those who took the suture lift. This shows much difference and a good reference for those wanting to know more about suture lift.

suture lift

This is why there is a reason for recommending the traditional approach to facelift surgery. The media has been all around it by claiming that suture lift is less invasive, not too much skin surgery done and it even takes lesser time compared to the traditional approach. Being fed with these kind of marketing will surely entice the masses to try it out, only to find out after a short while, at least for six months, that the procedure does not last long. No skin tissues are being taken away in the suture lift procedure. It only involves using clear threads to ‘pull’ the skin up and ‘tie’ it at a certain area of the face in order to ‘permanently’ place the face into position. Suture lift is more affordable than the traditional type, which makes it more attractive to those who are seeking facial rejuvenation but cannot afford the more difficult approach. Visit aesthetica south yarra if you live nearby to get the best services in cosmetic surgery.

This is why women should be more careful in deciding right away whether or not suture lift is the right option for you. You must ask the surgeon the differences between the traditional facelift and the suture lift, how it affects your skin in the long term and whether or not it is a good option for you. Do an extensive research first prior to engaging into the procedure, too. This is not to say that suture lift is a bad choice. It is more recommended to people with less saggy skin. The traditional approach is recommended to those who have excessive skin tissue.