There is nothing more rewarding than living in a land full of opportunities with your family. This has become the concept behind having an Australian family visa. This is to inspire overseas workers to give in more their best in their job thinking that their family is waiting for them when they got home. The beauty of this concept also gives an opportunity to the members of the family of legal age to work and become a part of Australia’s growing economy. Now, let us understand the concept of family visa first for us to know what are the things that we should do and the things that we should not do for us to pass the assessment and requirements needed.


The concept of family immigration scheme is based on a temporary or permanent visa grant. The decision would depend upon the request of the family member who is already settled in Australia. The sponsorship varies in two which includes parents who are already residents in Australia and requested to have their children live with them; and parents whose child is already a resident in Australia. Furthermore, the following are the needed requirements to be eligible in filing a permanent visa for your family.

– The sponsor should be living in Australia, may be a permanent resident for two years or a citizen.

– An undertaking should be signed as a proof that the sponsor will provide financial support and accommodation of the family member who is going to live in Australia for the span of two years. The undertaking also serves an agreement that the sponsor is fully pledged to provide personal information of the family member to the government for security and documentation purposes.

In this regards, the sponsor should be a certified relative of the applicant. May it be the parent, the child, the brother or sister, nephew, niece or even those that are step-relatives or adopted; even grand child or first cousins will do.  However, in cases of cousin relatives, they should apply for points test known as Individual skilled independent migration. This point test system includes the age, employment skills, an English language skill assessment and work-study eligibility.  Also, it is very important to consider that these requirements might change in the long run. The immigration themselves unpredictably change these requirements in a year or two. So, it is very important to do things the right way in just one try. The possibility of decreasing you points because of wrong moves and improper assessment can be made and will reflect on your records. Better choose the right company whose lawyers are certified experienced and guru in the field of helping immigrants to their road to successful approved visa.

Family is where our home and heart belongs. Having them live with us in a foreign country is a very important factor for us to be inspired and be productive at work. If you are an overseas worker, there is nothing more that you could ask for when you have your family near you. That is why Australian government together with the immigration designed Family visa for your convenience under certain conditions for security of their country. For family members such as cousins, they should undergo the point system for their qualifications to be assessed. It is very important to have yourself assessed by experienced lawyers to assure proper handling of your papers and approval is an assurance.