How To Read Rhythms and Count Notes

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Do you sing in a choir? Can you read music? Do you think that you would have a higher quality musical experience if you could read music? Well, on this site I am going to teach you how to read music.

One element of music is rhythm. Rhythm is the timing of sounds over time. When you tap your feet to music you are tapping a rhythm. When you learn to read music you must learn to read rhythms. Learning to read rhythms will help you become a better choir member because you will be able to learn your music faster and play like a professional wedding band of Melbourne.

In this lesson you will learn about notes, time signatures, and bars (or measures).

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The sounds in music are represented by notes. Notes are named according to their relative length or duration: Whole note, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, etc.  A half note has one half the duration of a whole note. A quarter note has one fourth the duration of a whole note.

Music is written on a staff. The rhythm is indicated by the sequence of notes moving from left to right on the staff. As you move from left to right on the staff, you are moving through time. As you move up and down on the staff you are moving through pitch. We will not discuss pitch in this lesson.


Note that half notes consist of an open head with a vertical stem. A half note gets half the value of a whole note. For example, if a whole note has a duration of 4 seconds, then a half note would last for 2 seconds.

Quarter notes have a black or closed head and a vertical stem. A quarter note gets 1/4 the value of a whole note, so if a whole note lasts 4 seconds then a quarter note lasts 1 second.

Eighth notes have 1/8 the duration of a whole note, or 1/2 the duration of a quarter note. Eighth notes consist of a black head, a vertical stem and a flag.

Time Signature

The time signature is a fraction at the beginning of a musical piece that indicates the number of beats in a measure, and the kind of note that gets one beat. The time signature in this example is the fraction 4/4. The top number 4 means that there are four beats in a measure. The bottom number 4 means that a quarter note gets one beat. You might say that 4 x ¼ = 1 measure. A measure is indicated by bar lines which are vertical lines on the staff. A measure or bar is the space between the bar lines. In this example there are four beats between the bar lines. Each of the measures in figure 5 contains 4 beats, but a different number of notes.

The first measure has 4 quarter notes because a quarter note gets one beat. The second measure contains just two notes. These notes are half notes, and a half note is twice as long as a quarter note, so you only need two half notes to get four beats. So each half note gets two beats. The third measure has only one whole note. A whole note is as long as four quarter notes, so it is worth four beats. Finally, in the fourth measure there are 8 eighth notes. An eighth note is only half as long as a quarter note, so it takes twice as many eighth notes as quarter notes to fill a measure.

Let’s sing the rhythms in this example. For the first measure you are going to clap your hands steadily five times. As you clap, sing “one two three four.” When you sing “four” you should hold it until the fifth clap because the note has a duration that must last from the fourth beat until the first beat of the next measure. Think of it like this:

|1<–note–>|2<–note–>|3<–note–>|4<–note–>|off      Listen to quarter notes

The vertical lines represent your hand claps, and the spaces between the vertical lines are the notes. So the first quarter note stretches from 1 to 2, the second quarter note stretches from 2 to 3, the third quarter note stretches from 3 to 4, and the fourth quarter note stretches from 4 to off.

For the second measure clap your hands again five times, but sing “one three.” When you sing “one” sustain or hold the sound until the third clap and then sing “three” and sustain it until the fifth clap.  The illustration below shows this. There are again five handclaps represented by the  vertical lines, but only two notes. The first note stretches from 1 to 3 and the second note stretches from 3 to off (or 5).

|1<–note—|———->|3<–note—|———->|off      Listen to half notes

For the third measure clap your hands again five times and sing “one,” holding the note until the fifth clap.

|1<–note—|———–|———–|———->|off      Listen to whole note

For the fourth measure clap your hands again five times, but this time you must sing two notes for each beat. To do this you will sing “one and two and three and four and.” That is how you count eighth notes  when quarter notes get one beat.

|1<-note-><-note->|2<-note-><-note->|3<-note-><-note->|4<-note-><-note->|off    Listen to eighth notes

One last example is of sixteenth notes. Sixteenth notes get half the value of an eighth note.  In music with a 4/4 time signature, it takes 4 sixteenth notes to make a beat (remember that a quarter note gets one beat and a sixteenth note gets 1/4 the value of a quarter note).  See sixteenth notes in figure 6. Note that sixteenth notes have two flags on the note stem.

You count the sixteenth notes like this: one-e-an-a two-e-an-a …  Listen to 16th notes

The music that you sing consists of various combinations of notes and “rests.”

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Customized Gifts

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Are you looking for the perfect customized gift? If so there are many issues to consider. One of the main ones is the price. On the one hand customized products tend to cost more than ones that roll off assembly lines. However, there are various factors including the following ones:

Princess T-Shirt

  1. Customization

More specifically, the more customization a product has, the more expensive it tends to be. Just adding a logo to the outside of a bag will have a much lower cost than adding a ton of text and images to a mug, for example.


This isn’t to say that you should always try to minimize the customization on a product. There are times when you’ll want to add more rather than less. That said, be ready to pay a higher price tag for more customized product like on custom t-shirts.


  1. Shipping

This is one of the drawbacks of online shopping. Shipping costs can add up quickly when you buy stuff over the Internet. That said, there are ways to reduce the costs. Some sites that offer customized products give discounts or even free shipping when you make a minimum order. However, this isn’t always offered, so it’s important to inquire first.


Another way you can sometimes save on shipping is by placing bulk orders. If you buy X number of units, for example, you might be given a discount. This is another situation where you should inquire first to find out if a company offers such discounts. If it doesn’t then, you might suck with high shipping costs.


  1. Item

The actual item you order will have a major effect on the cost regardless of the amount of customization you get. For example, a pair of customized tube socks will cost much less than a customized jacket.


This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. However, it’s an issue to keep in mind since it will affect your bill. In fact, you might even decide to select a particular item over another if the cost is lower. If you’re shopping on a shoestring budget, then it’s an issue you should consider.


  1. Quality

The overall quality of the item(s) you order will also affect the cost of customized gifts. If you want high-end quality, you should expect to pay more money. On the other hand, it can help you to save some money as well, which is a plus regarding the big picture.


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Fatty Liver Disease Treatment | Total fitness journey

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In order to be curing fatty liver, one has to dedicate themselves to a life-style change of diet and exercise, as no surgical procedures or medicines can reverse or cure it. To be able to be successful, one has to completely fully grasp what fatty liver is all about. This post will attempt to break down fatty liver disease for uncomplicated understanding.

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Stages of NAFLD Fatty liver disorder or steatosis is the initial and simplest stage of NAFLD. It will involve the accumulation of triglyceride excess body fat inside your liver cells with no any inflammation or scarring. Even though it isn’t a common liver concern, it isn’t regarded serious as long as it does not build into liver irritation or hurt.A added vital stage of NAFLD can construct into nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH in a fraction of individuals with fatty liver. NASH is the mixture of liver added body fat accumulation and liver irritation. If it isn’t dealt with, NASH over time can trigger serious liver scarring.In the event the initial phases of liver scarring go untreated, it can lead to the extremely final and most significant stage of NAFLD. It is named cirrhosis of the liver. It is irreversible liver scarring. The liver isn’t in a place to function properly, and may set off liver failure, liver cancer and liver related death, if the scarring is substantial. At this stage there isn’t any reversing a fatty liver.

What leads to NAFLD and NASH? The particular outcome for this disorder is nevertheless not determined. However, one prevalent element among NAFLD and NASH individuals is insulin resistance.Other risk items for NAFLD are weight problems, diet program along with a household heritage of NAFLD.Nevertheless a different report by the Linus Pauling Institute claims that if choline consumption is inadequate, unwanted fat accumulates within the liver and develops into fatty liver. When choline supply within the diet system returns to standard, liver function also returns to regular. Choline is considered a significant nutrient, and it is identical to the vitamin B group. Choline is necessary for our process in the transport and metabolic rate of fats.Meals resources of choline include beef liver, wheat germ, egg yolks, beef, broccoli, brewer’s yeast and lecithin. You can get choline dietary supplements as choline chloride and choline bitartrate, but a lot of times, take into account soy lecithin to be added absorbable by the physique.

Indicators of Fatty Liver Disorder Fatty liver individuals may perhaps possibly not recognize any indicators at all in the early stages of the sickness. Several years may probably pass just just before men and women find out any signs and symptoms.Nonetheless, if you get widespread physical examinations, your medical care provider must take notice of the indicators of NAFLD prior to it reaches the NASH or cirrhosis levels. For folks who do detect indicators of this condition, they may well be acknowledging a dull pain just beneath their ribcage on their right aspect. It’s dull and not an extreme discomfort as when you have a gallbladder assault. Other signs that clients could have are:- Nausea – Bodyweight loss -Tiredness – And an enlarged liver.

Curing Fatty Liver A number of homework has established that a physical exercise regimen and diet plan regime can reverse this illness and bring back liver working.Dropping excess weight progressively but surely by means of an raise in bodily physical exercise along with a modification in your diet is important in reversing a fatty liver. Slow weight loss is definitely significant. You can make your fatty liver condition even worse with the addition of liver irritation, if you get rid of your fat rapidly.

Fatty Liver Diet for Alcoholics

If you want more information on non alcoholic fatty liver disease diet, don’t read just rehashed articles online to avoid getting ripped off. Go here:


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Few but Very Effective Ways of Creating Profitable Property Portfolio

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People tend to do promises and these are always meant to be broken most especially to people that are not so reliable.  One of the best example is when people encourage you to do such thing as if for your benefit yet it is the other way around. Now, you will be able to know how you will hit success through making your property portfolio most especially for you who is planning for investing in property. It is understood that some may find it really overwhelming but when you are just equipped properly from your preparation stuff, you will find things so rewarding soon.

At the very first place, you must be able to recognize your own need and why you are buying that property for this way you will be able to know what strategy will work best for you. All you have to do is to focus in the type of investment that interests you much. Perhaps, likely, you will find it more exciting if you make some diverse holdings more than just the bonds and the stocks. No matter what reason you have for investing, it is really essential for you to clear things out before starting.

Know more about the diversified types of property investments. Then you must know it yourself of how willing you are to spend most of your time, or how much time you are capable of spending for the management of the property, then if you really have all it takes when it comes to skills when it comes to managing your own property. There are three major choices of investments, the raw land, the residential and the commercial. Then you must decide whether to flip or to hold the property.

Knowing that the most essential factors with real estate business is the location, then you must check the town’s statistics. After which, add up some knowledge through getting a course or having online research. Then time for you to work with an actual yet local realtor.

Then you are now to pinpoint your needs from the property and the very first step for you to do is to decide on the location. Then after which, you may now pick the right property of your choice. Once that you are really decided with the property, you now need an inspector to check the property. Then you now proceed to have your target tenant and this depend on what category of real estate you have.

Now, time for you to maximize all your finances and that is for you to check first your credit history. After, you may already proceed in how you manage your finance with your property. The best thing for you to do is to visit a broker or just your bank for the amount of money you could borrow for investment. Proceed to the positive cash flow search then have your investment expenses checked. The last thing would be for you to hire a property manager to assist you.

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Lightweight cladding installation

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Many of us become amazed at what we see, especially if that certain things are very beautiful or are unique and or we have seen it in the first time only. This is only natural because we have this kind of attitude as we grow and become more curious about something that we have not seen yet. And some of the things that we become amaze are the beautiful buildings that were built by expert. Many of these beautiful buildings were added a lightweight cladding in order to achieve the desired appearance that will make it more beautiful to look. If you are not familiar with lightweight cladding installation then you should not skip to read this.

What is lightweight cladding? It refers to a coating or a covering that were applied to the material or to the structure in order to obtain the unique and beautiful appearance that we want to happen. This kind of job should be done by experience and well trained person in order to achieve the desired design and to avoid any back job and losing of money while you are executing the project. If you have no information on how you can get a right person to do this kind of project then that is not a problem anymore because you can now use the internet to find the right person to hire that can do the work perfectly. This is the advantage that we get from the modernization that we have as of now and once we will use it correctly we will be able to find the right person that we are looking to do the work. Visit mtsrender to get the best rendering services in Melbourne.

Lightweight cladding installation

It is very effective that we will hire someone to do it especially if we cannot assure that we can do it correctly so we can avoid any damages that will occur during the process of installation. It is very important that we will add a lightweight cladding because this can help to add the lifespan of the material and also the most interesting advantage that it brings is that it can make the building more attractive to the people who can see it. These benefits are very helpful especially if we want to achieve the long lasting and beautiful appearance in our building, houses and etc. It is very helpful that we are aware of this kind of technique because in this process we can make our dream houses or buildings that we want to build turn into reality and knowing that almost all of us want it to happen.

If you want to ensure that your finish building will turn into beautiful and more attractive to look then you should not forget how adding lightweight cladding can really help you to achieve your goal. Don’t hesitate to apply it because in this way you can achieve the dream that you are dreaming especially to the houses that you want to build and to the buildings that you want to create. Whatever decisions you want to execute you should make sure always that you have think it many times because we know that every decision that we will make are not irreversible.

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Your Way to Your Driving Permit

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Driving is definitely one thing all of us should experience. It’s a fantastic familiarity that now, even young ones, are very excited to experience. Being on the front seat with both hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals gives them a feeling of achievement. Driving is also very important especially in emergency cases, most notably when there is no one to take the wheel except you.

But before all of that, you have to be of the right age and get the important exams in order to qualify for your very own license at your own state, but before having your own license, you first have to get a driving permit. First thing’s first, you have to know that you are required to be at the right age to apply for one. Though it differs from every state, it would be much better if you contact your local DMV and inquire what age does your state requires to be allowed for a driver’s permit. Then, there’s got to be a Department of Motor Vehicles in every state; that includes your state, so find it. An easier way is to call them and ask them where the office is located.

Your Way to Your Driving Permit

Or better yet ask for a map if you’re not familiar with the area. Obtain a driver’s handbook. Here, you will find all the necessary things you should know and follow in order to successfully pass your driving exam. This can be obtained at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Take note, the driver’s handbook may also vary from state to state, so you better study the one that is provided by the state you are currently in because their rules are the ones that are going to apply when taking the exam and obviously when you will be driving in the state. Also, there is an available driver’s education program which is required for some states before you take your driving examination. Even if you’re just getting a permit, it would be much better that you take this earlier. Contact the best Melbourne driving school to get your license.

This is very helpful and would definitely help you get prepared also for the written exam. Now, when you are going to take the exam for the driving permit, you must bring some documents just in case. These would include the Social Security card, identification card, birth certificate issued by the state, or even a passport would suffice. Also, you would need proof of citizenship and residence in the state you’re in. Now, you’re ready to take the test for your driving permit. Please do make sure to get yourself ready for the examination beforehand.

Study the handbook and be attentive when taking the driving course. Taking it once would be much less of a hassle compared to failing the exam and taking it again. It would save you a great deal of time and fees. Though you can take the exam until you pass it, passing it during the first try would definitely be much more fulfilling.

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The effective public speaker

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Public speaking is defined as giving a performance in front of an audience. The performance is a form of a speech and it is delivered to entertain or to inform the audience. A lot of public speakers are known to influence, persuade, or motivate the people who are listening. Little do people know that they are already using public speaking when they speak in front of their team or when the professor gives a lecture in front of his class.

Whether you speak in front of your team or you talk in front of your class, it is already considered to be a form of public speaking. There are a lot of good speakers however not all of them are very effective. So here are the necessary things to ponder on to become an effective public speaker. To be a good speaker, you need to do some research. Research on who your audience is and how knowledgeable they are about the topic. If you speak in front of experts about the topic, it will be very odd to talk about something they already know and if you talk in front of students for instance, take it slow in using terms that are difficult to understand. Aside from that, he also knows how to adjust his voice whether he speaks in front a large crowd or a smaller one. Importantly, a good speaker should be knowledgeable about the topic. And this can only be done by thorough research. In fact, a lot of people write down their script especially if you are still new. However, you can also try outlining as it is simpler. Always bear in mind, the more prepared you are the better your speech outcome will be and so the more effective your speech will become. Preparedness is also a key to being a good speaker. Attend some public speaking seminars to be more clear about speaking skills.

Public Speaking

 Be prepared on the possible outcomes. Make sure you have back-up plans. Most especially, if you have done your research well, be prepared to answer the questions that will be thrown to you. Part of being prepared is practicing the speech. Even experts can make mistakes. An effective speaker has an approachable aura and personality. He or she is distinct on the way he or she delivers the speech. Creativity is always the key to make you distinct and original. It is important that you build rapport to your audience by looking at them once in awhile. Glance at them and make them feel comfortable. Have jokes and try to get their attention. an effective speaker dresses appropriately. You should dress according to the place where you will deliver the speech, the audience that you will be speaking in front of, and the time. Choose a good color as well. Lastly, confidence is the key to be an effective speaker and he knows how to use gestures really well.

Not all good speakers are effective. There are necessary things that public speakers should consider to be called effective. It is the way he dresses, the way he speaks and most of all the way he connects with his audience. A good and effective speaker plans ahead and is confident.

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